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Sweet and sour perfume
Sweet and sour perfume

Sweet and sour perfume

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Unisex fragrance 

50 ml

Perfume idea:

When sunbathing in the coastal region of Bentota on the shores of Sri Lanka, and after feeling the warm sun and looking at the coconut palms on the banks of the beach and drinking its refreshing water.. I wondered what kind of perfume this sunny weather needs, so that ideas come successively with a refreshing aromatic mixture in which the smell of tropical fruits mixes. With raspberries, melons, strawberries, roses, and light touches of wood and black currants, so I wrote the composition on the soil of the coast, and I came with a paper and a pen, and I kept it to make it when I arrived in my country.

Scent description:

A refreshing, sugary, acidic fruity combination that feels its cool notes in hot weather, taking you to the tropics and coastal areas, as if you were sipping from a frozen tropical juice.