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Bidayh perfume
Bidayh perfume

Bidayh perfume

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Women's perfume

50 ml

Perfume idea:

Usually, we are inspired by the idea of ​​aromatic compositions from certain climatic situations, conditions, places, or rituals, but sometimes a combination arises in your mind suddenly and is a source of inspiration for a new plan and a new approach in your personal and professional life, and it may be the beginning of a new life stage and style. New... Thanks for the "Bidayh" perfume formula

Scent description:

A floral-woody composition with a light spicy flavor, in which the scent of jasmine harmonizes with ginger, pepper, and saffron, then cedarwood, orange blossoms, peonies, gardenia, and woody notes with a musky touch added to amber and a light fruity background to take this fragrance to where the noisy parties or masquerades are. To where business owners gather there, where everyone turns around looking for the source of this amazing smell.